Way We Work
Brief explanation of Concept2corpTM

At TENET we believe, a successful branding project is a result of a well structured and meticulously followed process. This process as we name it - 'Concept2corpTM' drives all team members of TENET to take into consideration, every aspect of raising a new brand in the market place.

For any project, may be a small or a big, we follow five stages to complete each STEP in 'Concept2corpTM'. These are Requirement Analysis, Scoping, Research, Execution and Celebration. Generally it takes 30-40 days for a complete business branding project with us.

'Concept2corpTM', also saves a lot of time of development of a brand, as all the steps and required detailing has been ordered in the process as per their precise sequence and simulteneous occurance as far as possible.

For every project that we deliver, processing is based on some or all of these guided steps through and through the 'Concept2corpTM' way. Here is the process we follow. More specifically, its devided into 10 steps which we have tried to explain in brief as below -

STEP-1 helps us to understand our clients and their needs thoroughly. We call it a dignostic test. The tools such as SWOT Analysis, Brain storming and data interpretaion process by our experts derive the best possible business model based on ideal work style suitable. The business model is built taking into consideration - your current status, track record of achievements, skills and capabilities on professional and personal front.

In this step, A market research process (descriptive or quantitative) is followed to understand overall market sinario for the selected business and related studies carried out in step one above. Here we may take help of any external research firm data or already available studies related to customer's business model. The purpose of this step is to carry out a short feasibility study for the business model derived in step one.

Once we finalise the business model after feasibility study, making business plan is the most important step for any business before further investment into research studies related to competitors or customers. Our structured process of making a business plan helps our clients to understand different aspects of their business and estimate the guiding figures of sales and expenses.

Defining marketing strategy is the foundation of your new BRAND. Based on core competencies of client, our marketers
with right blend of discipline and flexibility can suggest creative marketing strategies. Marketing plan based on well thought out and defined vision, mission, values and drivers for client's new business can suggest future marketing strategy for all the products and services, our clients want to market.

Selecting Customers is STEP - 5. It is about market research studies to identify market segments, your business want to cater to. Specialised forecasting and demand measurement studies can be performed here for understanding the true potential of the market. Since any company cannot connect with all diverse customers, to identify a niche area in this large market is must and must be continued for one after another.

It seems a simple task to identify and analyse competitors for any business but its not that straight. Nobody had immagined that one day NOKIA could be market leader for selling maximum digital cameras instead of KODAK or SONY. Again, once we identify our competitors such as segment competition, new entrants, substitute products or threat of increasing power of suppliers and customers, its easier for us to relatively position our BRAND.

Now with this background work in above steps and especially studies in STEP-2 and STEP-3, we have to select the type of incorporation we need for our new business. There can be incorporations like propritory firm, partnership firm, Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or a Private Limited Company. TENET team helps you select the best possible business structure for your business. There are different pros and cons for every type of incorporation, which we have to consider thoughtfully.

This is most important step in creating your corporate identity. Based on studies in STEP-2 and STEP-4 above, TENET
team will now craft unique brand elements. Even generating a name for your business has 12-15 different strategies on which TENET team works through the process of creating key business assets like company name, logo design and registration, web domain reservation and list of suggested trade marks and copyrights before you enter the market.

Integrated Marketing Communication is the face of the organisation for the customers. This ammounts to major task of BRAND positioning in the market place. Design of corporate brochure or video or even a small offer leaflet for that matter, will tell about your USP to your customers or shareholders. Deriving a unique value proposition based on best suitable differentiation strategy and considering product/industry life cycle is what TENET can do for you.

Considering major shift of marketing practices from traditional marketing to e-marketing, TENET helps you to create your online profile to help you tap global markets. Our expert copy-writers and web technologies leaders will bring life to make your website. Also, some authentic practices of optimisation of code will certainly help you achieve good rank position in search engines. Our software experts can also cater to your need of customised systems and softwares to run your business.